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Sat, Mar 30, 2019 8:18 AM

broken site builder

just tell people in the first 5 seconds that site builder is broken after 30 years and that you are not going to waste anymore time trying to fix it. this will save time and frustration of talking down to the money spending customers who have relied on the ease of using the download for many years and will be confined to a closed system with many more limitations and time consuming moves. it will ease the atmosphere that leads to consumer losing confidence in company full disclosure.  i run businesses so i know the income part. but sometimes people need to hear the truth first. then any problems they are having they can see and place in a logical perspective and spend less time interacting with human voice and spend more time working.  at no time did the agent i spoke with say sorry about that.  in all the years i have been a customer, i have called maybe 5 times, this being the 5th. i figured after being on hold off and on all day for over an hour, something was going on there in homestead land and it wasn't just my website not connecting to internet and publishing. plus i saw similar complaints in community and mentioned them to agent which seemed to disturb him. belligerence is what i gathered.  but i just paid that day so my billing is good for one month.  let's see what happens in staying within a website inside a website. for services no longer available, there should be a discount. or i will downgrade. or i will find another venue. and keep my money. in all fairness, this was the first time a phone call with homestead was crappy. usually everyone says sorry you are having problem and explains what is needed, usually a patch, i.e. link. although he totally denied that they had been quite busy on the phones that day, judging from my hold time, compared to past, i did not believe him. and judging from his attitude also.  i try to empathize when i encounter another person who is stressing out. but i do not think he was receptive. finally after minutes of uncomfortable time, he told the truth about the site's demise. that brought me the clarity i needed to move on. it may be even literally. thank you for reading this. true support.

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