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Fri, Oct 15, 2021 10:10 PM

Address Confusion

I have a .org domain name. When I enter this into the browser....it goes directly to my site...but in the browser it reads homesteadcloud.com. Is there a way to change it so that only my .org domain name is seen for all pages? It is causing confusion.

Example: mysite.org vs mysite.homesteadcloud.com


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2 m ago

IF the domain was secured with/by Homestead when you built your website... if this link works while you are logged in -->  https://www.homestead.com/~site/jws/mydomains.action --> there is a MANAGER YOUR WEBSITE DOMAIN link... PERHAPS this will be where to make a change to allow your website to ONLY appear as .org (???)    I will have to be doing this in the future...have an existing Homestead site with the .com address (not sure HOW, it's been TOO MANY YEARS), but building a NEW site with the .homesteadcloud.com extension...  once the new site is completed, will be pointing the existing .com domain to the new/updated site.  Hope this is helpful.  Obviously, you can call support (when they are in the office) and someone can assist?

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It looks to me like the domain is actually set to forward to the .homesteadcloud.com address on GoDaddys end. I would look at your GoDaddy account to remove this forward and follow the steps in this article to secure your website:

WebsiteBuilder: SSL | Homestead Community