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Sat, Dec 20, 2014 12:42 AM


Worse than ever! Slower than ever!

Login to update my domain has not gotten gradually better. It has gotten worse. Beyond SLOW! Trying to keep the faith, I went to check out Blue Host another EIG company to see about moving my things there. To my surprise, it was JUST AS SLOW in responding!  So now I wonder...Is it just me or is SLOW an EIG thing that runs throughout their companies?

Is it really going to get better? Is there ANY other EIG company that I could move my domains to that is FAST and GOOD? Please advise. Very frustrated. Trying to believe. Also if there is NOT an EIG company that is FAST and GOOD please be honest with me about that too. To be buying up so many companies and NOT being able to provide quality is not a good way to do business. What's worse is not being transparent about it. Why all the secrecy? 

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