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Wed, Nov 13, 2013 5:32 PM

Will this new email upgrade have more storage space?

Will this new email upgrade have more storage space? That would be great and is much needed. With this one we are not able to keep previous emails in our Inbox like we need to and have to constantly delete important emails to have enough space.

Is there anything we need to do to transition to the new email system? Do we still sign in the same way and things will basically be the same? Will everything transition smoothly (I shudder to think if it's like the past month!!) and we won't notice much difference other than better performance etc?

Still getting lots of "Send Error Messages" when I send emails btw. If I keep trying to send it eventually goes thru. Also, the forwarding feature is still not working. Only personal emails are forwarded to my other email but no "Notification of Payment Received" emails when someone orders.

When should we expect for the email transition to happen?

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