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Sat, Jun 1, 2013 1:30 AM


Why Would My Websites' Most Important Feature No Longer Work??

In designing a website that is friendly for blind people, I discovered that the way a blind person "sees" a photo is by the "alternative text" label added to the photo. When they are using a reader, it tells them what the photograph is by reading the alternative text. I've been using this for YEARS. I never had a reason to think that it would be disabled or removed from the homestead software, especially since the option remains on the sitebuilder page editor. Besides being essential for blind people, I used it as a non-obtrusive caption tool, if you hover over the photo, the ALT text that I have entered displays and tells the person what the photo is of without having to open it. This works especially well when viewing thumbnails that are too small for some of us to see. Then we don't have to click on a million thumbnails to find the photo we are looking for. The problem: it no longer works. I tried hovering over my new photos after i published and all it showed was the PATH to the photo, which means nothing and is often confusing and has nothing really to do with the photo, but the folder I put it in. I went back to those that I had added ALT text to for several years and there is NOTHING there. Did that happen when you became Intuit instead of Homestead? Why would you remove the main feature that made you a hit with millions of blind readers? I'm confused. And WHY would you remove it without informing those of us who used it? This is going to result in dozens if not hundreds of hours of work for me to FIX. I'm not happy.

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