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Tue, Feb 11, 2014 5:32 PM


What are all the steps for effective use of social media sites for seo/increasing numbers of site visitors?

For purposes of discussion, let's say that one has created a high quality Facebook Page (or Twitter Page...) for one's business. (Of course, this page links back to one's website.) What are the key steps of implementing such a page for the purpose of drawing more traffic to one's website- or more specifically- what crucial steps of social media page implementation- if left undone- would render the page ineffectual for drawing traffic to one's website? Another way of phrasing this would be: what are all the key steps of using social media pages effectively for SEO? As an example, consider, they just came online in 2013- and they are first in Google's search results for wayuu mochilas: they have only few backlinks, they're domain authority is not high and they're young- but they're on top- and I have it from a good source that they "use social media well": What exactly constitutes using social media well... all the steps?

PS I am hoping that Mindy of Tier II Support will reply to this question... any one that knows from experience how to use social media pages effectively, please share...

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