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Sun, Dec 3, 2017 2:23 AM

WebsiteBuilder Newbie - Random Questions

Exploring WebsiteBuilder and comparing to SiteBuilder Desktop.  The new WebsiteBuilder definitely enhances sites -- it brings them a much more contemporary look and I've found a lot of things that are nice about WebsiteBuilder.  But there are some simple things that I'm wondering about... Appreciate any help!

Photos - In SB I can click on the photo and see the photo dimensions and even type in dimensions to adjust to a different photo size.  I don't see this option in WB.  Does it exist?!

Copying/Pasting - In SB, I can copy text and paste it on the same or even a different page and size information and links are all retained.  In other words, I am able to paste the exact thing I copied.  In WB, I lose all size info and links -- even when pasting onto the same page.  Is there a way to copy & paste that way.

Page List - In WB there is a drop down menu with the page names.  How many pages does this drop down hold?  I add new pages daily and do not delete old pages.  I imagine that drop down will get pretty messy pretty quick.  

I'll have plenty more questions...  

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