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Wed, Feb 4, 2015 4:17 PM


Website incredibly slow, 502 errors, 503 errors. When will this end.

Last 2 weeks or so,have been a nightmare, when my website is working its running at a snails pace, no help from homestead, always the same answers, either, i checked your website and its fine OR we are aware of an issue and are looking into it, never get any updates or reply on the issue, now to top things im getting 502 errors and 503 errors, I checked one of my pages and found it the load time was 67 seconds, when I investigated further the first time bite was 64 seconds.. I.e 63 seconds to communicate with homestead servers and 3 seconds to load my page.
6 Years I've been a customer and I'm basically being ignored, seems homestead is now a 3rd rate company that cant even get the basics of hosting right, never mind their site builder tool.
I'm going to have to start the arduous process of moving my site now, such a pain this is going to be, but what else can I do, I've lost all faith.
Ill hold out perhaps another week, just on the off chance Homestead actually try and help me., but after the last week I'm very doubtful.

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