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Sat, Dec 3, 2016 7:57 PM


Website Builder Questions

Hi Folks,

Would appreciate any help you can give regarding the following questions about the new builder.

1)  Can the background be changed on individual pages? I know it's conventional wisdom to keep the background consistent across the site, but I have a couple of sub-sets of pages whose backgrounds are different to reflect the feel of the pages. With Sitebuilder, I have achieved this with code in the HEAD section of the pages to render a fixed background. I see with Website Builder that if one turns off the AJAX navigation, code can be added to the HEADER section of individual pages, (which I assume corresponds to the HEAD section), but when I add my codes for the fixed background, nothing happens. It's great that we have the option for a fixed background, just wondering if it has to be across the whole site.

2)  How can I get to Website Builder equivalent of Sitebuilder's File Manager without having to "add" something?

3)  Is there any other audio player besides Sound Cloud or do we need to use code?

Thanks so much!

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