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Sat, Nov 30, 2013 7:03 AM


Unlimited emails...Please!

I've been with Homestead/Intuit for over 10 years...I feel like I'm cheating on a good friend, I called and made a plea here in the community a few weeks ago to inquire about unlimited emails per domain name because I need more and paying $1 per extra email is uhm, clearing my throat..quite ridiculous I must say
(5 Emails?...Seriously!) Come on H/I...You have to get n2it "Intuit" with the competition...

Okay, the reason I feel like I'm cheating is because I signed up with another hosting company that has unlimited emails, over 4,000 templates, access to the CPanel and a host of other goodies, but I feel like I'm letting an old friend down...Ah! me and my conscious :) What is a girl suppose to do...Stay at "HOME"stead and hope that they get with the program or go with the other guys who has a kick butt hosting package?

Come on people, this is Intuit, I thought the company was competitive or have they become so comfortable with themselves til they're gonna wake up one morning and wonder where did everyone go....Oh! Maybe they're relying more on the other products i.e. QuickBooks, etc and the hosting has just become mediocre...
Come on and expand a little, give us Unlimited emails...2014 is right around the corner...It's my Email and I want it now! lol... Sorry, had to go there, just felt good...whew...Ok, I think I'm done...

So get the staff together and sit around the old executive table with a good cup of coffee, kick some new plans around and think about all of your loyal customers and kick this thing into gear...

Thank you for listening to me vent, again!
Keeping a positive attitude with my fingers crossed . . .

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