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Sun, Oct 18, 2015 10:36 PM


Unable to Edit - - Sitebuilder Plus Starting Up/Synchronize File Message

Seems a lot of people are having this same problem....

I can view my website just fine.  It's when I log in and go to "edit" that I have a problem.  Usually, once I log in and click on the "edit site" button, a pop up screen shows up that says "Starting Up"  and it takes a few moments to load and then it lets me in to make my changes.  Now, however, I get that same pop up ("Starting Up") and then immediately after that a new message pops up over that and reads:  Synchronize File
The local and published versions of this file are different.  Both files have changed.
View Published copy
View Local copy
Which version would you like to keep?
Download Published    Keep Local

And then if you click on either option, nothing happens.  And if you try to close that box nothing happens (It won't let you close it). 

Thing is, everything was working fine a little over an hour ago.  I was in my site, making a couple of changes and then had to step away for around 20 minutes (I had no choice).  I didn't have time to "save" my changes or "publish" my changes.  Because I took so long, I was logged out by Homestead.  Fine and dandy.  But when I went to log back in to continue shortly after, this is when it gave me the above message.  Now I am no longer able to make any changes at all and am becoming (understandably) frustrated.  It's not my browser.  I've tried both Google Chrome and Firefox.  The browser is good.  It's something wacky on the Homestead site.   

Please let me know how I should proceed.  I need to make my changes. 

Thank you for your time,

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