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Mon, Sep 30, 2013 3:08 PM


Two weeks of email problems and stil nothing works

I am posting this message on the board because contacting customer service chat is worthless. They never "hear" what is being told to them. I am aware of the Intuit postings regarding service problems. Mine have NOT been resolved at all. Nothing is working on my email - for TWO WEEKS. I cannot send email. Some email is sent but bounces because of spam filters. I cannot save drafts. The delete, spam and other buttons do not work. I get server error messages on everything. Every single function takes a minimum of 30 seconds to initiate, if it initiates at all. One attempt to send an email this morning resulted in 3 minutes of the timer spinning in the window and that window locking up. Not one feature is working. This is my business email. I am losing clients and their business because they do not receive my responses to their email. The last Intuit status update was the 25th. Today is the 30th and nothing has changed for my account since the problems started 2 weeks ago. And my email box is flooded with junk mail. I have had more problems with email since Intuit took over than all my cumulative years on the Internet with all the other providers combined.

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