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Tue, Sep 26, 2017 2:06 AM


Two questions, please

Hello friends,

These questions have probably been answered many times before, but I can't find them by searching. If anyone can help, thank you sincerely.

1) Every day I send out an e-mail to a number of recipients containing the same message and a link to a newly created page on my website. I actually do this manually one-by-one which is very time-consuming. How do I send the same e-mail to a number of people without them seeing the address of other recipients? This would lighten my workload and save time. 

2) How do I set up a discussion forum on my website? I want to start an online community of sorts for readers with the same interests and I'd like to moderate the posts so that I don't get any offensive comments. 

Any feedback would be most appreciated.  Sorry if these are redundant questions. 

Thank you!

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