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Sun, Jan 4, 2015 10:53 AM


Thanks Drew

As you can imagine, I was pretty crazy the other week when I was threatened with termination if I couldn't complete my work's new website prior to xmas break (which was fun considering that nobody could work with sitebuilder for all of december). I got an extension from my boss, who said that if I got it built during our 1 week xmas vacation (we go back to work on the 5th, today is the 4th), that I'd be in the clear. Well.... it's 2:51am on the 4th, I've spent most of my xmas vacation trying to get it working, and a couple of days ago sitebuilder finally started working for me. I just "mostly" finished the new website tonight, err... this morning.

Thank you for helping. I know that this has been a ridiculous month for you having to be the public face that everyone in here gets angry at, but thank you for helping me keep my job. Even if I did lose a couple of years off of my life out of it heh.

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