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Sat, Jan 26, 2013 6:42 AM

SiteBuilder Desktop vs. SiteBuilder Plus

I understand you guys are making Sitebuilder Plus because it is more "user friendly" and "visually appealing" to the Newbs...

However, Sitebuilder Desktop is far better, the ease of use like the File Manager, Moving things around etc. It is far better for sites. Sitebuilder Desktop simply needs an Icon makeover, the big bulging icons you guys are doing for Plus... put it in Desktop version, whatever. And for god sakes remove the "Personal Elements" tab all together. Don't let the newbs even have the chance of making that mistake.

Focus more on Sitebuilder Desktop. It is what gave Homestead their client base for the last 12 years. Think about it, Browsers Ex. IE, Firefox, and Chrome. Will ALL change overtime, constant updates will be needed for all these different browser types to an online Sitebuilder software like Sitebuilder plus. (I think?)

We love Homestead because of our Desktop program. Keep it updated and keep your old customers. Let the Newbs sign up to your Sitebuilder Plus, (if that’s what they want) I am sure it will be great over time. But we need something to manage pages and do things far more efficiently.

Speaking of efficiently, do you want to stop most of the Newbs from calling in for the same questions? (The platform was a great idea) Make things more automated!! It is crazy going to every page to change the background pics of pages, updating EACH page individually, just to change the layout. Ahh, give me a break, work on the BIGGEST issues here. Once these newbs get some time in on their websites they are going to realize the need something far more automated to change their boring layout that they created as infants.

Love you guys, just focus on the bigger picture. Sitebuilder Desktop program will always give your users the ability to do more, far more than the online version. Overtime, customers will always expect more. Better web technologies will be put into effect, better coding etc. Working on an online option is just silly if you are not keeping your Desktop software kicking. Perhaps it is not the direction Homestead is going now that they have been sold. =(

I’m just saying the desktop allows you to expand further, and has the foundation to provide All the necessary elements users would need to create a great site. And I would absolutely love to update it as often as needed just as soon as those updates are released. Sitebuilder Desktop Forever!!!

Off topic - Should we not have added a dropdown navigation menu like five years ago? I'm glad to see it's in the ideas. Make it happen.

-Dean :)

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