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Sun, Mar 17, 2013 6:43 AM


Sit Builder Plus.. Publishing in generic homestead url not my domain.

The problem I have is easily solved but a real pain and consumes time..

When I update or save a page and publish it in SB P all the links on that page are published with the generic homestead url.. Example: (not real site) instead of my domain

The problem is, after udating and publishing, if I want to open a link on that page and save it to lets say word pad it is the generic homestead url. So I have to change it to my domain name.

This takes time and I always check it to make sure I typed it correct.

Question: Is there a way to publish the pages so when after you publish and view changes it is with the proper domain name.

I may not be explaining this correct. If you need more detail I will get more specific.

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