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Tue, Mar 4, 2014 9:36 PM


Should I be concerned about 17% of my website traffic suddenly coming from foreign countries?

In the last 3 weeks, I noticed a few of my sales transactions on my homestead site were coming from foreign countries(many non English speaking). Then 2 weeks ago I had a significant drop in sales-almost down to 0, and staying there.

I have checked my Google rankings in search and they have not changed. My site traffic shows that now 17% of my traffic is coming from Google Australia, Google Brazil, Mexico, Ireland, Belgium, Philippines and India and Singapore.

This sudden foreign traffic to my website paired with the significant drop in sales has me concerned that somehow the security of my site may have been compromised and that somehow sales are being redirected or something.

I just signed up for Godaddy's Website protection today and ran that scan on my homestead website and it came back that everything was safe. I also went into Google Webmaster tools & checked the security flags for my site and there are none-it says the site is safe. Is there more I can do to just double check? Should I be concerned? My sales have dropped from around 6 per day(for the last year) to now 1 every other day. And my big ticket items(my best sellers) are not selling at all. This seems very suspicious to me. Any recommendations?

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