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Mon, Jun 1, 2020 5:14 AM


Secure page links to non-secure pages

Some time ago, I followed your instructions for securing my website (https).  That has been completed now.  I have two remaining problems, though.  First, if someone just enters my domain's name (not including http or https) into the URL field of their browser (e.g., what loads is not the secure version of the site, but the non-secured version.  Can you tell me how to fix this?  Second, there is one page I have specified in an email to my subscriber list.  That link specifically includes https://. ; When I test the link, it works - the browser does indeed show the page that loads to be "Secure" - but when I use your system to specify a link from that page to another page in the same domain, the page that loads is the NON-secure version of the page (the URL field says "Non-secure").  Can you tell me how to fix this as well? 

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