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Tue, Oct 4, 2022 5:06 PM

Regarding "# Add-ons Removed" email message from Homestead

The message is:

"This message confirms the recent activity on your Homestead account - acmint01:

"#  Add-ons Removed:
 - Package Name: 1GB Disk Space
 - Payment Plan: Annual
 - Quantity: 1
 - Add-on Price: $0.00
 - Total Price: $0.00 Credit"

IF this is about removal of my $10.00 Domain Privacy add-on:

    I did not ask for it

    I had no warning of it

    Why would they do this?

Homestead could have spent a few more words to say why.

Is this

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2 months ago


The add-on was added to your account in the process of troubleshooting when you called in. It was removed during the same troubleshooting.