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Fri, Aug 9, 2013 4:11 PM


Problem with Pinterest Hover buttons?

I have done this many times.... I know how to add HTML but, I am looking to do the hover button and the HTML snippet does not work.

here is the website for pinterest widget builder
When you are choosing button types, they give 3 options
1) one image
2) any image
3) Hover image
when you choose the hover image it says
No HTML is required for hover buttons; all you have to do is load the JavaScript listed below. Once you have this installed, images should show a Pin It button when hovered over. (If you're already running pinit.js, just add the data-pin-hover="true" attribute to the existing SCRIPT tag.)

if I add this script that they give me to an HTML box and put it at the bottom of my page, it does not work.

I can see in the source code that the code is there,.... but it will not work. It says to add the script just before the closing tag and when I add the code to the Html editor and place it all the way to the bottom of my page it will not add the code by the closing tag.

Now the clincher........

If I copy and paste the entire source code for the page and add it to an HTML box on a blank page then publish, THE HOVER BUTTONS WORK........

I do not like the way my site looks with all the little pin it buttons all over my photos which I know how to do


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