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Sat, Apr 12, 2014 12:34 AM


Point domain but keep email with Godaddy.

I am trying to configure the DNS properly for my buddy that I did their website for here on homestead, but they own the domain on Go Daddy. They have their own exchange host in the office, and currenty host their website and email. I want them to keep their email but have the go daddy account point to the website. However, when I did this, I made their email stop working. I was told NOT to change the nameservers and only change the follow. What am I doing wrong? I whited out some of the information.

A Record
Host @ points to
(I replaced the existing @ with this IP)

A Record
Host * points to
(I added this to the A Record)

C Name www points to
(I deleted the A record that was www and made a CNAME with this)

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