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Fri, Mar 9, 2018 9:14 PM


Please, may I have some database connectivity?

I'm not aware of Homestead offering a back-end database, nor a streamlined means of moving data, from form submissions for example, into a database. To me this is a massive oversite, which tends to limit Homestead business applications, among others, to smaller businesses.

I develop Access apps, and have developed a means to lode form submissions into Access one record at a time. This eliminates manual re-entry of the data, saving time and eliminating data entry errors, but is only a semi-automated process and must be done record by record (submission after submission). Good, but hardly perfect.

The answer - one answer anyway - would be for Homestead to provide a back-end database feature and provide for form submissions to go right into it.

I have suggested this for years, but Homestead has never shown any interest. Would anyone care to comment on the idea, or support it?  

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