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Tue, Mar 12, 2013 3:43 AM


People can't access my website

I am getting more and more emails from people that are no longer able to access my website. Some people can see it fine, others can't get to it at all. Customer support told me that there is no problem on their end and it must be the browser or internet service used by these people. This doesn't help at all. Here is a typical note from one of them:
"We tried 3 different computers, 3 different web browsers, and our computer support and our internet provider and they both said it is a problem with the website. We are able to access any shopping and other websites we have tried except for yours."

This is frustrating and is costing me business. If I didn't already have over 12 years of work into homestead I'd consider scrapping it all together - but I don't want to rebuild hundreds of pages from scratch. Does anyone have any suggestions at all? I've even suggested people insert as part of the address in case it is a problem with it being redirected - and that helps a small portion of the people, but not all. The web address is, redirected from

HELP! Bonnie Gibson

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