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Sun, Apr 12, 2020 4:04 AM

My new domain is not connecting to website

I decided to get a new domain because I wasn't very pleased with the recent name I had gotten. The new domain is I deleted old one I set the new domain to point to my website, then I edited my website and published. Later in the day I checked to see if my new domain would work, but I kept getting error saying site not found.
The last time I got a new domain, you had to reconnect it for me. Can you do that again please? I would greatly appreciate it. Also, will you check to be sure Stripe is also working with it? Thank you for your time. Wishing you a Happy Easter. Stay safe! I noticed my new domain is locked. What does that mean? Is that why it's not pointing to my website? Can you fix it for me? I can check the unlock box, but since I don't know what it really means, I thought I better check with you. 

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