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Fri, May 19, 2017 12:17 AM


my desktop version of sitebuilder keeps crashing today

Hey guys,
Trying to do some website work on my desktop version of sitebuilder which is crashing every few minutes or so. Suggestions?

I also have a completely unrelated question about website width and centering my content. I redesigned my site recently on a widescreen and set the page width to 2000 (yeah, I know, too big). I found out it was too big when my monitor crapped out on me and I plugged in an older, smaller one and found I had to scroll left and right to see my whole site

So, is 1000 the current recommended width? I've been playing with it at 1000 but my content is not centered on the page when I preview on my widescreen monitor. (which magically works again).
Also, considering sitebuilder crashed 5 times in 30 minutes I'm a bit cranky as I try to resolve this.

Thank you

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