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Wed, Jul 19, 2017 4:40 PM


How to publish to a 'fully qualified URL' or 'UNC path''?

I'm learning C# and have a Windows Forms app I'm writing as a practice project using Visual Studio 2017 that I would like to publish to one of my sites:

However, I am confused about the information requested when I try to publish the app (I know little about servers, ftp, etc. so this may not even be the right place to ask this question; if so, I apologize for the post...)

I tried deploying the app to a local folder and then a .zip file that visitors can download but it doesn't work consistently.

Below is some of what I found in the Microsoft Library regarding Visual Studio. Any assistance, suggestions or references would be greatly appreciated.

In the Publish Location field, enter the publishing location by using one of the following formats:
  • To publish to a file share or disk path, enter the path by using either a UNC path (\\Server\ApplicationName) or a file path (C:\Deploy\ApplicationName).

  • To publish to an FTP server, enter the path using the format

  • In the Installation URL field, enter the installation location using a fully qualified URL using the format, or a UNC path using the format \\Server\ApplicationName. 

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