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Thu, Dec 5, 2013 5:57 PM

How do I set up my email account to work with Mac (Apple) Mail? (when using Open-Xchange)

Set up my email account to work with Mac (Apple) Mail

1. Open Mail (click it on the Dock or open it from the Applications folder).

2. If the Welcome to Mail assistant does not appear, choose Add Account from the File menu.

3. Enter your Full Name, Email Address, and Password.

4. If available, click to clear the Automatically set up the account checkbox. Click Continue.

5. Choose IMAP (or POP3). ( IMAP accounts are the recommended option for customers that want to check email from multiple sources (home computer, work computer, mobile phone).)

6. Enter your Description, Incoming Mail Server, User Name, and Password. Then, click Continue.

  • Description: type something that will help you identify the mailbox. For example, My Business Email.

  • For IMAP -incoming Mail Server: imap.homestead.com. For POP3 – incoming Mail Server: pop.homestead.com.

  • User Name is your email address. For example, joe@mybusinessname.com.

  • Password is what you entered when you created your email address.

Enter the Incoming Mail Security settings. Then, click Continue.

  • Incoming server port number: IMAP 143.

  • Incoming server port number: POP3: 110

  • Incoming server authentication method: choose Password.

  • Incoming mail server supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)?: choose No.

7. Enter the Outgoing Mail Server details. Then, click Continue.

  • Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.homestead.com.

  • Select Use Authentication and enter your User Name (email address) and password.

8. Enter your Outgoing Mail Security settings. Then, click Continue.

  • Outgoing server port number: choose 587.

  • The outgoing mail server supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): choose No.

  • Outgoing server authentication type: choose Password.

9. Verify your settings in the Account Summary. Select the Take account online checkbox. Click Create to complete the process.

10. If you were unable to manually configure the mailbox, click the mailbox name and select Edit "description" mailbox (description is what you entered in step 6).

11. Click the Advanced tab. Click to clear the Use SSL checkbox.

  • IMAP confirm Port: 143

  • POP confirm Port:110

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