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Sat, Feb 10, 2018 2:22 PM


HELP HELP HELP HELP..........submission form PROBLEMS ....and now COPY & PASTE FAILS...

Hi Folks

My site, is educational.  On this page,  I have a copy and paste set up with 11 points of info.  I did have a submission form which I preferred but the transferral of that info to my email was not useful...each incoming email just said "you have a new form submission"....and in my business, especially scrolling through my inbox, I need to see subject lines that are not generic like 'new form submission"....because I cant tell who is who from those emails coming in....So, first suggestions, this needs to be improved.   Its not helpful to business.

Second...because of this issue, I reverted to a copy and paste approach.  But NOW... my customers try to copy and paste the 11 points of info I need....and when they paste in their email the transcription (if you will) is micro small you cant decipher it. 

If you go to my link, you will see that 11 point list of contact info.   Try to copy and paste...and if it comes out so tiny you need a magnifying glass...youll get what Im saying.

Ergo, this is intolerable.  Love homestead but something needs to give.   Those incoming submission emails need to be able to be tailored so the business has a clue whats on the form or who is sending it.....OR....being able to copy and paste NORMALLY.....would be ideal.

Im frustrated because time is of the essence here.  Seasonal business and I need to schedule immediately


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