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Thu, Mar 15, 2018 4:37 PM


Domain is pointed but I am having issues with it

Ok, if Drew happens to get this, this is the domain and website you were helping me with a few weeks back.  To refresh your memory a bit or explain if it's not Drew lol.  I have a client with a Wix account.  He had built a website but it was sub par at best, so I made him a new one.  I did a domain point to the site I built at Homestead and everything appeared to be working the way it's supposed to.  I have been monitoring the site in the search engines for SEO purposes so I could make changes as needed and was waiting for it to be crawled.  I found it was crawled on 3-6-18 but the cached version is the old Wix site.  I then went to go to the site and it came up the Wix site.  I was very perplexed with this.  It has something to do with "www."  When you put the "www" in front of, the old site comes up.  If you can get whatever browser to just go to, then the Homestead site comes up with no problem.  I need to get this fixed so the search engines have the correct site and information when crawling and indexing.  How do I do this?! :P   Any information you have is very much appreciated.  Thank you!