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Wed, Mar 12, 2014 4:16 PM


delete or don't delete serverfilecache.xml?

Yesterday, I called customer support and the rep upgraded my account to "Site Builder Plus". I do not have the time right now to learn anything/make any adjustments to my site(please do NOT touch ANYTHING). So for now, I am still using the "Desktop" version. However, I am getting an error message every time I log in after I have published my site. It says, "the published copy of this file has recently been deleted" "serverfilecache.xml" "would you like to delete the local copy"? then it gives me 2 options: delete local copy or don't delete. what is this all about? what is that file? what is it referring to? do i need it? what happens if i delete it on purpose or by accident? please explain specifically b/c i can not have yet another "can of worms" open up with Homestead-that is, yet another complication that i do not need.

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