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Wed, Oct 23, 2013 12:22 AM


Background dimensions

I asked this question previously:
"I'm creating a background image in Adobe Photoshop. How many pixels wide and tall should I make it for Homestead? I am currently using a 1084 pixel width page setting

Mike F. replied to me:

"The width you make it is entirely up to you. There's not a right or wrong size. I usually start my pages at about 1000-1100 px wide. I would not recommend going beyond 1200 for most sites though. People tend to become annoyed if they have to scroll left to right."

I created a background image that was 1084 pixels wide, uploaded it to Homestead as the background, Previewed the page, and it only took up a small amount of space in the top left and then tiled. The rest of the elements that I've placed on that page show normally, and do take up more of the page in the browser.

Am I uploading my 1084 pixels wide background image INCORRECTLY? Perhaps they do not STAY at 1084 pixels wide in Homestead??

Is there some setting anywhere on Homestead that can set this 1084 pixels wide background image that I've created to take up the ENTIRE background?
If so PLEASE tell me exactly where to go on Homestead, what to do, and what to make the settings.

how can my background image be uploaded to take up the entire background, where are these particular settings and WHAT do they need to be set at?

Please help.

Thank you.

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