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Wed, Sep 25, 2019 12:27 PM


Avoid the thread titled Doing this as a pescatarian???

Do not respond to this person or click on any links provided in this thread/question. The destination url's are questionable and might be spoofs.

I frequent several homesteading and farming forums and have never ran into this ID name or questions like the ones TokiyoRio asked a couple weeks ago. At least not in the past month.

He may be a homestead customer but in my opinion TokiyoRio's a phisherman. While it is possible TokiyoRio's computer is infected with a virus that causes all communication to contain these links, they weren't there when TokiyoRio asked the first question a couple weeks ago. When TokiyoRio replied to the response the entire response was copied and pasted with the links added. TokiyoRio is getting a little better though, now the links are in the original post. 

If I'm wrong about this and TokiyoRio's just a lost little soul who intends no harm, please accept my apology.

Also....A true pescatarian doesn't eat chicken eggs.

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