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Thu, Aug 29, 2013 2:02 AM


As Google Sees It, Deleted Pages/URLs (are still) Linking from My Site

Why, or just exactly how is it that my XML Sitemap, (which I created at, is conveying URLs (to Google) of pages that I deleted from my site before creating this Sitemap? More specifically, when I investigate "crawl errors" using Google Webmaster Tools, I find URLs THAT ARE LINKED FROM MY SITE, (and not from other domains), which are NOT in my file manager- because I deleted those pages. It's understandable that a page that I deleted could still be linking from another domain- but how is a deleted page linking FROM my domain??

Also, I have noticed that when a "site preview" is executed along with publishing a page, images on my master-page from an EARLIER version of my site show in the preview, whereas my published site shows current master-page images.

How long does it take Homestead's servers- or do they ever really- eradicate pages or images that I have deleted from my site?

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