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Wed, Aug 28, 2019 8:31 AM

All files of my website were deleted

All my files were deleted 1 week ago when I just wanted to enter "edit site". I could not enter the files like usual, you wanted me to create a new site, but I had my old one and I was happy with it. Thene I clicked somewhere and I had to verify my contact data and then it said it was creating the site and within 1 minute all my 200 or something sites dissapeared! It did not ask if I want to delete my old site, nothing! I tried to enter with Site Builder and it was possible 1 time, so I tried to upload some old file, and it worked but after I had to close the program for a few minutes since then I cannot enter the Site Builder again. I do have a backup of my website and I want it back on the Internet. Please find some solutuion. For now we did a routing to another website but this can be just a temporary solution for I need exactly this old website with all the old texts. It is a business site and I need it so I am very considered about my future and very desparate. Please answer fast and let me know how to send you the files. Thank you very much!

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