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Wed, Oct 16, 2019 9:53 PM

ADA Compliance question

I've edited my site upstatehandyman attempting to become ADA compliant using the wave accessibility tool for chrome. However there appears to be a single image 1x1 that I don't have access to. Is there any way you could give that image an alt attribute? Apparently it messes with screen readers if images don't have alt tags. I assume the image is for tracking stats or something similar.

That image is the last error the tool flags.

According to the WAVE tool:
How to Fix It
Add an alt attribute to the image. The attribute value should accurately and succinctly present the content and function of the image. If the content of the image is conveyed in the context or surroundings of the image, or if the image does not convey content or have a function, it should be given empty/null alternative text (alt="").

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