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Wed, Jul 11, 2018 2:10 PM


A link to a password protected page, which works after publishing, breaks and sends users to a page not found

After publishing a page that is password protected with linked access from another page, it works fine, but then the link breaks and the user is send to the page not found page. I have to periodically republish the page for users to be able to access the password protected page. As additional info, I list a non-profit's Board of Directors on a page which is open to public access. At the bottom of that page, I have a link to what is called Director's Area. When you click on the Director's Area link, the user is ask to enter a password which then takes them to a page with confidential info, financials, etc. It works fine when first published, but then the Director's Area link breaks and the user is taken to the Page Not Found page instead of asking for a password. I can fix the problem by republishing the page, but then it breaks again.


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