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Sun, Jul 12, 2015 6:11 PM


Windows 10 and Sitebuilder desktop

Note: While this topic is primarily for Windows 10, we have seen other versions of Windows also require this procedure following some Windows Updates.

If you are a Sitebuilder desktop user we recommend that you consider postponing your Windows 10 update until we have had a chance to fully investigate any potential compatibility issues.

Microsoft plans to release the update on July 29th 2015. We will be doing testing as soon as possible, but will not have a final version of Windows 10 until at least July 29th. We will post to this topic when we have updated Windows and continue to update as we determine if anything will need to be done. 

This is simply a precautionary measure. We have no direct knowledge that Sitebuilder will be affected by this update.

Thank you

The Homestead Support Team

UPDATE 9/11/2015: At this time, we feel that it is safe to update your computers to Windows 10. It is likely that you will need to run the repair on Microsoft J# when doing so, but that should resolve the issue. As with previous versions of Windows, we can't promise that a future Microsoft update will not cause other issues.

We have noticed that with the following fix should stop the LPX stopped working popup as soon as you click on SiteBuilder. This can occur in Windows 7/8/10.

Try clicking this link below and download the J# set up. Run the program, and when prompted, click the repair option.

If this doesn't fix it, then run the same download again and click the uninstall option. Then download the J# 2nd edition from the link below, depending on your computer's version.


NOTE: If you receive an error that reads: "Error creating process. Reason: The requested operation requires elevation.", you will want to find the vjredist.exe file inside of your Downloads folder, then right click the file and Run as administrator

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