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Friday, November 25th, 2022 10:29 PM

Transfering back my domain name

I still have a domain name that was associated with a website at had at homestead. I closed that account in 2019 but my domain is covered until 2023.  I was in the process of getting a new website with, however, I changed my mind. But it looks like I had already connected the domain to their account, which is still my free account, I did not do a premium upgrade.

I was speaking with a friend and they suggested that I should just take that domain I have and add it to my other website account that I currently still have with homestead. So I have two different domains going to my one website. 

I tried to do that with the section, but it told me that it is locked for for the ICANN'S 60 day lock. But then it says I can also contact the server where my domain is located to have them remove it.

How can I get my domain off of Wix and transfer it my already existing website that I have with Homestead and add that domain, as a second domain name to connect to the website.

Please advise. 

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2 months ago

A domain can be pointed to another website host by using a nameserver change or altering the DNS records

If you want that company to become the new host/registrar for the domain you can compete a domain transfer which can take 5- 7 days to complete.

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2 months ago


If your domain is still new enough to be under the ICANN 60 day transfer lock, we can't do anything to change that, but once that lock is off, you can follow these instructions to transfer the domain to Homestead. There will be no issues with both domains pointing to the same site:

‎Account: Transfer a Domain to Homestead | Homestead Community