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Wed, Oct 28, 2020 12:18 AM

Payment & Account Information

Hello, I'm Jose Deanda

I need to update accounting information for my website, also ownership of website. My husband Wayne Blackburn has passed away and I'm currently running our shop "The Magick Circle" as sole proprietor. I received a statement from Web Host Agents out of New York, New York for $180 for yearly web hosting I have to admit Wayne did all the customer service, marketing and PR of the business and I did service and sales. So, I'm unsure who are the Web Hosting Agents, and I wanted to know if Homestead provided not only the web page platform but also the web hosting for the fee of $51.97. If you can help better understand what I'll be paying for in our webpage. Also what would be needed to make the transition of changing owner of webpage over to me. Could you also provide me the information needed. I would be most grateful.

Please contact me at:

Jose Deanda - Owner

Cellphone: 956-497-8000

Belinda Bradford - current web admin

Cellphone: 956-312-7504

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