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Sat, Oct 16, 2021 1:04 PM

how do you point your domain to your website?

i have created a new wbsite to replace an older one and wish to point it my domain name.  Can anyone help me to do this?

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2 m ago

DEPENDS.  :)   If the domain is with another provider, contact the provider (GoDaddy, for example) to have them enable the REDIRECT/FORWARD from the old website to the new one.   IF both websites are on Homestead, and IF the domain name was obtained from Homestead... try while logged in (this is the Homestead DOMAIN section) where you may or could be able to make the change yourself???   I don't know if Homestead offers support on weekend, but they can help with this when they are in the office.  GOOD LUCK!   :)


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Here are the instructions to switch your domain name to a different site:

Account: Change Site Association | Homestead Community