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Tue, Jan 23, 2018 1:38 AM


DREW... I'm still waiting :( for follow-up response to my previous conversation that was taken into "Private" mode!?

I posted a question on Friday afternoon, January 19, 2018 and was happy to get a response from Drew stating that my issue was being changed to a "Private Post" for handling by Homestead Help Crew (my words).  Since it was virtually closing time for the work week, it would be addressed on Monday.  It's now Monday evening, January 22, 2018 and I've not had any response from Drew, or anyone at Homestead.  I've also been unable to sign in to my original post that was moved to private status... just can't seem to find it!

Here's a summary / revisit of my problem:

I'm a current Homestead website customer, but I opened a SECOND Homestead account in order to play with creating a new website for my business within a "free trial" period as I wasn't sure if I really wanted to have a new website, or just redesign my old one.  As a business owner, time is at a premium, life is chaos but I do enjoy designing my website on Homestead templates. 

So... after two weeks working on the new site build, I've decided I like it much better than my original site that is on my original Homestead account and also includes a single email account which I pay a small fee for in addition to my regular charges.

My problem is I cannot point my existing domain name to the new website on the second account because I get the message that my domain is "already in use" (on my original site).  So, do I need to delete the original site, thus freeing my domain name to point at the new website?

And, I'd like to keep the email address that is associated / purchased with my original website.  I have my own Constant Contact account (not thru Homestead) and use my website email address to avoid my CC emails bouncing into spam folders.

I previously provided Drew with my two Homestead account User & Pin info.  I would like for the new site to go live as soon as possible.  I would delete the original (old) site myself in order to point the domain name to the new site, but hoped asking for your help would avoid losing my SEO ratings after having my original site in operation for approximately 6-years.

PLEASE HELP ME GO LIVE!  Someone, please respond. PLEASE.

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