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Thu, Oct 30, 2014 4:21 AM

Desktop Sitebuilder, Client Service, Price increase

Why was the conversation regarding Desktop Sitebuilder, Client Service, Price increase closed to further comments and replies after just a few hours?
As mentioned by Mike F. valid points were raised.
I Thank Mike F. for his prompt reply.  I realise that you are doing your job as directed but I am puzzled/stunned by the quick closure.
I have seen many other conversations going back 1 -2 years regarding Sitebuilder Desktop V Sitebuilder Plus that have raised many of the same issues that I have, plus many others.  These conversations have received similar replies saying you are sharing them with the management team and that they are 'under consideration' - then they are archived and no longer visible in the community.
I think that it is about time that this faceless 'management team' showed a little bit of common decency and courtesy to their very many older, original clients who largely built Homestead to what it is today.  In your own words - "More than 12 million customers have used our award-winning products and services to establish their presence on the Web".  The majority of these customers would have built their sites with Sitebuilder Desktop.
With Sitebuilder Desktop, Homestead had a unique product that was far better than any other similar products around. It actually did do what your promotions for Homestead say.  Now you have chosen to become just another one of the many inadequate web site building tools.
To continue with Sitebuilder Desktop and make it once again current and valid and a stand-out product against all the other mediocre products can only be a plus, plus for Homestead, Endurance and their customers.

Surely it's time we heard from the 'management team'.  Could they please have some backbone, front up here and provide some resolutions and answers - it's way overdue.  

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