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Fri, Jul 26, 2013 3:16 PM


Billing - Annual query from bank


Every year when I pay my annual fees, my bank places a temporary hold on the payment whilst they run security checks to ensure that it is a valid payment. They do this because I am in the UK and it is a payment to a US company. I am glad that their security is so high, but I always receive an email from Homestead saying that they were unable to take payment and that access to my websites will be compromised etc. etc.

As soon as I phone my bank and verify the payment, they release it, but I wondered whether there was any way that a note could be made on my account that this always happens and it is not because my payment method needs updating.

I spoke to my bank today and they said that because it is an automated system, they are unable to tweak the system to release this payment immediately, but they did give me a direct number to call to confirm its validity.

Many thanks as always!!

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